Ice Cream in Amerikkkka

I recently received word that the speculative fiction webzine Brain Harvest is publishing a flash fiction piece I scribbled called “Ice Cream in Amerikkkka.” Not that I’m trying to strike it rich here or anything, but this marks my second “sale” of a short story, not to mention my first “semi-pro” payment. Kinda cool.

“Ice Cream in Amerikkkka” will be published at on February 19.

One of the characters in this strange little 750-word tale is “Stiles”—yes, the same Stiles that is Michael J. Fox’s party animal best friend in 1985’s Teen Wolf.

Not only does Stiles make a brief cameo in this story, but so does a fictional version of that cigarette-smoking Indonesian toddler who found his fifteen minutes of youtube fame not too long ago. Check this out if you haven’t already:


~ by Douglas Hackle on January 15, 2012.

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