Ray Bradbury (1920 – 2012)

Ray Bradbury has been a big influence on me both as a reader and a writer ever since I first read Fahrenheit 451 back in the ninth grade about nine million years ago. No doubt many folks across the internet will be posting words of tribute, veneration, and remembrance in his honor in the days to come. I suppose these are mine.

Last year, I wrote and published a little tribute to Bradbury in the form of a strange flash fiction story called “Offensive Face” wherein a small group of people attempt, in a somewhat bizarre and symbolic manner of speaking, to “imitate” the inimitable Ray Bradbury. But, as you might imagine, their efforts are met with failure. Here’s the link:

Offensive Face (@ the New Flesh Magazine)

It’s beautiful outside here in Northeast Ohio right now. Before the sun dips too low, I’d better take my beer out into the backyard, pour a libation into the grass—over there by that cluster of dandelions—get a little bit drunk, and mourn a little for an uncle I never had the pleasure to meet in person.


~ by Douglas Hackle on June 6, 2012.

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