Sold “A Reeaaaal Badass Muthafucka” to Every Day Fiction

Whew. *wipes brow

That was a little nerve-wracking, submitting a story flippantly titled “A Reeaaaal Badass Muthafucka” to Every Day Fiction, a popular and well-respected webzine for flash fiction. But they accepted it. “Muthafucka” will be published this September or October.

About Every Day Fiction (from Wikipedia):

Every Day Fiction (ISSN 1918-1000) is a Canadian flash fiction magazine founded in 2007 and published by Every Day Publishing Ltd. It is currently published on a daily schedule.

Every Day Fiction publishes flash fiction stories of all genres, and podcasts stories that have a high level of appeal with their readers. Additionally, they publish a yearly “Best of Every Day Fiction” anthology consisting of the 100 best stories appearing in the magazine that year. They have nominated work for the Pushcart Prize. In part because of its relatively large audience, EDF has placed highly in the Preditors & Editors Readers Choice Poll and in 2010 Shaun Simon’s story “Snowman” won 1st place in its category.

In 2010, Every Day Fiction was listed by Writer’s Digest as one of the 50 Best Online Literary Markets, and has been cited by numerous print sources including the Wall Street Journal, the Vancouver Sun, and the StarPhoenix.


~ by Douglas Hackle on August 12, 2012.

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