Story to Appear in The Surreal Grotesque Next Month

We often speak figuratively of deceased people as continuing to live on in our hearts. But what if our deceased loved ones actually did take up residence in our cardiac organs??

My short story “In Our Hearts” will be published in the Halloween issue of The Surreal Grotesque due out mid-October. The Surreal Grotesque is a newish ezine purveying “horror in its purest sense, finding beauty in the weird, ugly, strange, and beautiful.”

Check out their site:

Back issues of The Surreal Grotesque include stories from such authors as Bradley muthafuckin’ Sands, Carlton muthafuckin’ Mellick III, D. Harlan muthafuckin’ Wilson, Nik muthafuckin’ Korpon, Richard muthafuckin’ Thomas, and Nathan muthafuckin’ Tower; interviews with folks like Jack muthafuckin’ Ketchum, John muthafuckin’ Shirley, Douglas muthafuckin’ Clegg, and Ellen muthafuckin’ Datlow; book reviews; whole truckloads of macabre art—and more.


~ by Douglas Hackle on September 28, 2012.

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