Halloween Issue of The Surreal Grotesque is Out …

The Halloween issue of The Surreal Grotesque is out today (Issue 6). It includes my short story In Our Hearts,” a tale in which deceased loved ones live on in people’s hearts more than in just the usual figurative sense. This one starts out darkly absurd—a little comical even—then moves in a decidedly creepy direction. It’s a tad different from most of the other fare I’ve been producing of late.

Or not.

Issue 6 also inlcudes other macabre short stories and poetry, interviews with Ray Garton and Kathe Koja, a specical feature on the Slender Man mythos, book and video game reviews, articles about Halloween related topics, disturbing artwork on damn near every other page, and other fun Halloweeny stuff. The Surreal Grotesque is edited by Danny Gonzales.



~ by Douglas Hackle on October 16, 2012.

3 Responses to “Halloween Issue of The Surreal Grotesque is Out …”

  1. Excellent story, Douglas. The whole issue is great. Surreal Grotesque is really putting out some fabulous work.

    • Damn–it’s “The Tower” himself weighing in. Thanks, Nathan!

      Yes, I agree with you about Surreal Grotesque. Danny G. has been doing a nice job wrangling together some cool dark fiction, interviews, articles, and artwork. I know you have a piece in the first or second issue–I haven’t read it yet, but I will soon enough. Sweet.

      • Douglas, I actually did a reading of “The Ugly Husband” that will appear in one of the upcoming podcasts for Surreal Grotesque. The story originally appeared in the first issue. Look for “Cannibal Cory” to come out soon as well. Danny is picking some excellent fiction for SG (and I don’t just say that because he likes my stuff).

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