“Sugarplum” at MicroHorror

Hey, ya’ll. My new flash fiction piece “Sugarplum” is up at MicroHorror today. It’s just a trifle, really. Here are the first three lines:

“Mama?” little Timmy said as his mother tucked him into bed.
“What, pumpkin?”
“Is Terror Clown going to be my new daddy?”

To read the remaining 403 words of the story, click here.

MicroHorror is a webzine dedicated to the publication of horror microfiction, specifically flash fiction pieces no longer than 666 words. Published and edited by Nathan Rosen, MicroFiction has been around since May 2006.


~ by Douglas Hackle on January 24, 2013.

One Response to ““Sugarplum” at MicroHorror”

  1. This story is great! Totally sicko-funny, well-written and hilarious. I;ve read some of Hackle’s other stories and he’s consistently bizarre, imaginative and literary all at once! Go, Hack!

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