Publishing News

Aliens, Sex & Sociopaths: The Best of Surreal Grotesque is now available on Amazon.  This Kindle book includes my stories “In Our Hearts” and “Douglas and Bradley and (Terror Clown).”

Aliens, Sex & Sociopaths

“In Our Hearts,” which first appeared in Issue 6 of The Surreal Grotesque, is a bizarro-horror tale in which deceased loved ones live on in people’s hearts in more than just the figurative sense. Previously unpublished, “Douglas and Bradley and (Terror Clown)” is a story in which bizarro author Bradley Sands and I explore a house supposedly haunted by a demonic entity known as Terror Clown. Think Scooby-Doo on bath salts.

Aliens, Sex & Sociopaths also contains surreal and grotesque fiction and poetry from Adria West, Brittany Warren, Antoinette Rydyr, Grant Wamack, Danielle Brown, Joseph J. Patchen, Jeff Gardiner, Max Scratchman, A. Pulliam, Bryan Howie, Nathaniel Tower, Keith Fink, T.W. Grim, Richard Thomas, Danny Gonzales, Carolyn Charron, Joshua Ryan, Jeremy Maddux, Carter Rydyr, Cristna Jones, and Sean M. Thompson.

By the way, I also recently had two flash fiction stories published at The Strange Edge, the blog of Gary Arthur Brown, author of the new Eraserhead Press NBAS title Kitten. Here are the direct links to those stories: “Day 4 at HackleCon” and “I Won the MegaSuperLotto.” The Strange Edge also features flash fiction from G. Arthur Brown himself and other talented writers of weird shit.


~ by Douglas Hackle on April 2, 2013.

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