My First Authored Book, CLOWN TEAR JUNKIES, to be Published in August 2013

Yikes, I haven’t updated by blog in like seven trillion years!!!

So, yeah, while I did make the following BIG announcement via social media about a month or so ago, I neglected to drop it here at the home base. So here goes: my collection of bizarro short stories, Clown Tear Junkies, will be published by Rooster Republic Press in August 2013. Yup, that’s next month. This will be my first published book, so needless to say I’m a Big Red Barn of excitement! (The poorly conceived “Big Red Barn” metaphor I just wrote doesn’t quite work, doesn’t quite make sense, but pardon me—it’s been a rough day at work and my brain is mush.)

I’ve seen other authors post the table of contents for their upcoming books on their blogs or Facebook timelines before, so what the heck: Imma gonna do it too. Here is the ToC for Clown Tear Junkies, which features a healthy mix of flash fiction and longer stories:

  • I Flunked Kindergarten
  • How Much is That Hospice in the Window?
  • The Date
  • On Planet Zōhlzärt, It’s Okay to Get with Your Grandpa
  • Struggle of a Description
  • The Perfect Popcorn: A Recipe (or Confessions of a Lady-in-Waiting)
  • 811
  • Fishing With Higginsworth Fig VII: A Tale of Denial
  • Ice Cream in Amerikkkka
  • Waiting on a Girl
  • Actors and Actresses (and Others) Wanted
  • The Day My ID’s ID Got Carded
  • Long Necks
  • Green Ireland
  • Three Blank Pages (and if for Some Reason You Don’t Like ’Em, You Can Go Find Yourself a Big Blue Dick to Choke on)
  • What Ever Happened to Monty Morris?
  • A Salieri Marionette
  • Hitler ’Stache
  • That Ass and the Vein Poppets
  • The Scream, My Dog
  • A Kind, Gay, Chinese Black Man
  • Give Courtney Cute Anything She Wants
  • The Audacity of Hope
  • Please Don’t Be an Unkind Person to Me and My Grandpa, and Please Don’t Be Cross with Us
  • The Doghouse

~ by Douglas Hackle on July 26, 2013.

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