My Fiction Online

Whatever Happened to Monty Morris? @ Bizarro Central

CLASSIC @ Paragraph Line

Ice Cream in Amerikkkka @ Brain Harvest

A Reeaaaal Badass Muthafucka @ Every Day Fiction

Day 4 at HackleCon @ The Strange Edge

I Won the MegaSuperLotto @ The Strange Edge

Nobody—I said NOBODY!—Fucks Over Amadeus Huxtable @ Revolt Daily

Green Ireland @ The Mustache Factor

Incident At Klown Burger @ The Mustache Factor

James Joyce, Herman Melville, and God Get Rejected! @ Jersey Devil Press

Even Colour-Out-of-Space Boys Got to Shout: Baby Got Back! @ The New Flesh

On Planet Zōhlzärt, It’s Okay To Get With Your Grandpa @ The Mustache Factor

That Ass and the Vein Poppets @ The Mustache Factor

A FUN-O-FACE® HAS ZERO GRAMS TRANS FAT! @ three minute plastic

Offensive Face @ The New Flesh

Catholic School Playgrounds @ The Mustache Factor

Uncle Eddie’s Wake @ Flashes in the Dark

Proud To Be An Amerikkkkan @ The Mustache Factor

Actors and Actresses (and Others) Wanted @ three minute plastic


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