TERROR MANNEQUIN by Douglas Hackle

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From the back cover:

Forty-year-old Glont Lamont is a longtime employee of Fun 4-Life Corporation, where he gets paid good money to play videos games, watch TV, get drunk, get high, devour pizza, ride the company roller coaster, take long-ass naps, and toss off like a madman in an insane asylum. There’s only one problem: Glont’s sick of his job! Nowadays, all he really wants to do is work long, grueling shifts 7-days-a-week doing any sort of awful, backbreaking, tedious, demoralizing, soul-crushing, severely undercompensated labor.

But with Halloween just a few days away, Glont has more important things to worry about than his workplace woes. Namely, he must take his two “freak” nephews out reverse trick-or-treating, which is a form of annual ritualistic tribute whereby the cruel townspeople force his nephews to walk door-to-door on Halloween night to hand out candy to people instead of receiving candy themselves.

And this year, the last stop on the trio’s reverse trick-or-treating itinerary is Fallingwater—built on a natural waterfall, Frank Lloyd Wright’s world-famous architectural masterpiece is now closed to the public and allegedly haunted by an evil supernatural entity known as TERROR MANNEQUIN…

“Hackle may be the best absurdist story writer working today.” –Bradley Sands, author of Dodgeball High

“…the best bizarro absurdist in the business.” –Amy M. Vaughn, author of Skull Nuggets


“Batshit craziness!…Genuinely funny in the most ridiculous way. I really enjoyed [TERROR MANNEQUIN], and I honestly think that if you’ve never read a bizarro book, this might be the one you should grab.” –Livius Nedin, host of Booked. Podcast.

“Hackle isn’t afraid to get you clutching your seat with fear only to have you giggling in the next sentence, and vice versa…Terror Mannequin was an unexpected treat. Well worth a look (only don’t look at the jack-in-the-box…)” – Ben Walker at Kendall Reviews

“Terror Mannequin is weird, bizarre, humorous and very often horrifying…it reaches a gore-stained and near-incomprehensible crescendo that you can’t escape – and don’t want to regardless – because of just how damn good it is.” Adam Selby-Martin at The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

“To say that Terror Mannequin is a comedy would be to downplay the nihilistic tragedy of it all. To call it a satire of office culture—and Thomas Ligotti’s weird tales of same—is to minimize the often-gruesome horror at play…there are moments that are genuinely brilliant.” – Orrin Grey at Signal Horizon

“I loved this book, and if I am honest it was kinda unexpected. I don’t get a lot of laughs out of the stuff I read and this book was absolutely laugh-out-loud hilarious.” – BookTuber Kevin Whitten, aka Well Read Beard

“So this was weird. In the best, most absurd and bizarre way…funny, irreverent, off-putting, offensive, interesting, creepy, gory and just plain fun. For all its absurdity, this is a really well-written, highly crafted story, and I really can’t wait to read more from this author.” – Angel Hench, bookstagrammer

“When it comes to Mr. Hackle, you don’t have a shot in hell of predicting what’s going to happen, even if he’s just told you. You can’t possibly guess what he’ll throw at you and expect you to catch, even though it’s oozing, smelly, and ablaze. You can’t know where the story will take you, what the characters will do and say, how it’s all going to shake down in the end, even one page before that end.” – Melodie Ladner

“A clever outlandish romp of bizarro blood splatter, that rolls around in its own gore and jumps up for more. Absurdity literature at its finest!” – Donald Armfield

“Absurd, weird and extremely fun. I really enjoyed this book and have already recommended it to people…It’s kinda brilliant. Highly recommended.” – Jason Morton

“If you’re new to Hackle, this is a good place to start. If you’re an old hat at Hackle this is a must read.” – Frank Edler

“Douglas Hackle is an evil genius…I loved this book, and I will definitely be reading more by the author. I finished this the other day, and I already wish I could read more in this world.” – Kevin J. Kennedy

“Very weird, very gory, and very funny. Douglas Hackle has written the literary equivalent to The Toxic Avenger, a blood-soaked, genre-defying, anti-horror novel. I can’t imagine everyone “getting” this type of writing, but for those who do, this is A+ stuff.” – Danger Slater

“For those of us who dig things darkly, comedically, wildly askew, we are lucky to have another book by Douglas Hackle on the shelves.” – Amy Vaughn